Blessings of the Christ child on all of our faithful friends and supporters. I hope that you received our December and final newsletter advising that Youth Forum would be taking a pause from its ministry operations. This was a difficult and prayerful decision, as we continue to believe strongly in supporting youth ministry in the local church and the effectiveness of residential camp ministry in bringing the gospel message to teenagers.

As we were in prayerful discernment over our next steps we were approached by Tiger McLuen, Executive Director of Youth Leadership, with a proposal to take over Youth Forum’s camping ministry. We have considered their proposal and are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with the formal transition of Summer Festival and all other camps to Youth Leadership. We will complete the necessary documentation to release the name, Summer Festival, so it will be officially available to Youth Leadership by the end of 2016. Any future communications regarding Summer Festival or Slope Festival will come from Youth Leadership. In addition, we are happy to advise that Tony Ducklow has taken the position of Director of Creative Ministries at Youth Leadership and will be working them on their camping ministry. You can learn more about Youth Leadership at or 651-631-3672.

Youth Forum MN will remain in place as a 501c3 with our ministry activities suspended for the time being. We can be reached through board president, Corrina Conley at or 612-817-9084. Any mail should be sent to:

Youth Forum MN
c/o Corrina Conley
15561 N Hillcrest Court
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness over the 38 years of Youth Forum and his provision for continuing the camp ministry of Summer Festival through Youth Leadership. Please join us in praying over the transition and for Tiger and his team, including our own Tony Ducklow, as they move forward. God bless you and show His face on you during this season of remembering our Savior’s birth.

Corrina Conley
on behalf of the Board of Directors
Youth Forum MN

Major Youth Forum Update

We reached the heart-wrenching decision that it is time to take a pause. We have suspended the Youth Ministry Support services and the active work of meeting with churches and youth leaders effective immediately, and we will not be conducting any camps, including Slope Fest or Summer Festival, in 2017.

Questions may be directed to Board President Corrina Conley

Former YMS customers click here for a list of resources we’ve put together to help meet your needs. Former church camp partners please reach out to Tony Ducklow to learn about alternative summer programing options.

See our newsletter below for more information.